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Extra Heavy Bag

Custom 200 to 1000 Pound Muay Thai Bags and Heavy Bags!

Extra Heavy Bag

Custom 200 to 1000 Pound Muay Thai Bags and Heavy Bags!
Custom Extra Heavy Bags 200 to 1000 lbs - Detail - Multiple Angles - Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Side

Starting at $37500
+ shipping

Contact us for special orders of red or royal blue.


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United States FlagMade in the USA!

Extra Heavy -Custom- Muay Thai Bag:

  • Hand Crafted: Made in New Jersey, USA!
  • Home Gym to Military Installations.
  • Weight: 200 to 1000 lbs.
  • Contact us for custom weights/sizes not listed.
  • Swivel chain assembly is NOT included.
  • Super rated construction.
  • 100% hand filled with only rag for the "Sweetest Feel" from top to bottom.
  • We will sew your custom patch on your new KO Fightgear bag for FREE!
    See the Private Label Program page for details.
  • Warranty: Only ironclad warranty in the industry.
  • View Details Tab for full product info.

For more information give us a call at 1-800-270-4296 or send a message to info@kofightgear.com.

United States FlagMade in the USA!

Extra Heavy -Custom- Muay Thai Bag:

We've got great news to announce! KO Fightgear now has the logistics worked out to ship our extra heavy Muay Thai and boxing heavy bags that range in weight from 200 to 1000 pounds throughout the lower 48 States and Canada. This is a big step up for us because in the past we only offered our extra heavy bags as a local customer pick-up.

For those of you that have trained on our bags, you know the performance and durability of our products. For those of you that have not, be sure to do your online homework. Read our Muay Thai Heavy Bags review and post on the combatives/mma and boxing forums to independently learn about our bags and our company, KO Fightgear. All our bags are 100% rag stuffed with no sand and no other fillers. Our filling technique is 100% performed by hand, inch by vertical inch that results in the "sweet spot" having a complete bag range from top to bottom, 360 degrees around. When our competitors advertise a rag filled bag, they're employing a hands-off mechanical method that with the flick of the switch, a piston is slammed into their bag for compression. Their method results in bulges along the length of the bag with a disappointingly lopsided fill that you will feel on impact. The components of our bags are "top shelf" industrial grade, engineered to perform at the truly elite professional level. Our bags are custom made, not mass produced, but most of all are by far the best in the USA and Made in the USA, right here in The Garden State of New Jersey. The construction of our 200, 300, 400, 500 and even 1,000 pound Muay Thai bags and heavy bags not only assures the performance of the bag's function, but also provides the structural support required for a very heavy hanging weight load. There is added work and materials that go into these bags compared to our 150 lbs and lighter bags. Every step in the manufacturing process as with all of our products is always done to go way over the top. The shell is two ply (two layers) heavy gauge non stretch vinyl for required support with multiple stitched seams providing well reinforced stress points. There's over 25 years of development and manufacturing experience that goes into each one of our bags.

These are the original tried and true Monster bags for a Vegas prizefight camp, a school that offers an additional training tool as a step up above the competition, and that special bag for home use.

Price Weight (Lbs) Dimensions (L x Dia.)
$375.00 200 5 feet x 20 inches
$550.00 300 6 feet x 20 inches
$675.00 400 6 feet x 24 inches
$850.00 500 5 feet x 26 inches
  • Plus shipping cost to your destination or closest freight terminal
  • No additional charge for palletizing
  • Available for local pick-up
  • Colors: Black, Red or Royal Blue
  • Chain assembly not included
  • We'll even place your name on the bag
  • Warranty: Only ironclad warranty in the industry

Product Warranty - We go over the top in craftsmanship and materials so our Thai bags and heavy bags crank out high mileage. All our bags come with a full one year warranty against manufacturer's defect. If there's a defect it would surface immediately. There's only been a handful over the years and again we encourage you to check the forums to confirm the durability and longevity of our product. Our longstanding policy is to ship a factory fresh filled replacement bag at no extra charge to you. Recently, a security contractor in Afghanistan sent a requisition to his company's purchasing agent for Thai bags and Tear Drop bags and we received the order. The requisition specification was for "KO Fightgear product only". This is a strong indicator of confidence in the integrity of our heavy bags. There are longer warranties out there, different terms, but they aren't exactly as if John Hancock or John Henry is signing on the dotted line.

For more information give us a call at 1-800-270-4296 or send a message to info@kofightgear.com.

Send us your patch and we'll sew it on your new KO Fightgear Heavy Bag or Teardrop Bag at no extra charge!

Nassau County Police Department - Custom Patch Sewn on KO Fightgear Heavy Bag

Muay Thai bag displayed: Nassau County Police Department, New York.

If you don't have your own patches we can silkscreen your custom design/logo on your new bag - contact us for pricing. To find out more about our Custom/Private Label Program click here.

Custom Logo or Design silkscreened on heavy bag BagCustom Logo or Design silkscreened on tear drop bag Bag

Here is an example of a custum silkscreened logo we did for the United States Navy Recruit Training Command.Custom Logo or Design silkscreened on heavy bag Bag

United States Navy - 400 Pound Custom Muay Thai Bags

The Navy did extensive research on bag manufacturers before selecting KO Fightgear

Military Installations

We are honored that the US Navy Recruit Training Command - Great Lakes, IL called on KO Fightgear to supply 400 lbs heavy bags for its Boot Camp program. The Navy did extensive research on bag manufacturers before selecting KO Fightgear, noting that our bags are rated for the most aggressive training environments. To provide a sense of scale to the 400 lbs / 6 feet x 24 inch diameter heavy bags, our human gauge stands at 6 feet and weighs in at 185 lbs.

We offer custom label/logo silkscreen printing (as seen in the inset photo of the United States Navy Logo) click here for more information about custom labels/logos.

For more information give us a call at 1-800-270-4296 or send a message to info@kofightgear.com.

Custom 200 lbs. to 1000 lbs. Muay Thai Bag - Video Demo

Custom 200 lbs. to 1000 lbs. Muay Thai Bag - Video Demo

Custom 200 lbs. to 1000 lbs. Muay Thai Bag - Video Demo

For more information give us a call at 1-800-270-4296 or send a message to info@kofightgear.com.

ESPN Team with KO Muay Thay and TearDrop Bags

"Being at ESPN... two UFC fighters... very impressed with the quality"

Boxing and kickboxing are two activities that many employees at ESPN enjoy doing during their workout. Our heavy/Thai bag always gets a lot of use and we were looking for one that would withstand the test of time. As we were searching for our 3rd replacement bag, we stumbled upon the KO Fightgear website. We loved what we saw but more importantly the service that was given to use by Neil. He made recommendations on what would be best for us, how to properly care for the bag and then has checked in to make sure things are still going well. Originally we thought a bag was a bag but we were clearly wrong. Stumbling upon the KO Fightgear website most likely has saved us from needing to look for another bag in the near future. Being at ESPN, many athletes come through our doors and recently two UFC fighters went a few rounds on the bag... they too were very impressed with the quality.

— Mike D. ESPN Wellness Manager - Southington, CT

Mike was kind enough to provide a link to a video of one of their events where the KO Muay Thai Bag can be seen in the background at the 3:57 time mark. Thanks Mike!!!

Romeo M with Custom 300 lbs KO Fightgear Heavy Bag

"Awesome Bag!"

I wish I'd made this purchase 10 years ago. Awesome bag! I can honestly say that this is the best heavy bag I've ever owned.

— Romeo M. - Gallatin, Tennessee

Note: Heavy Bag displayed is 300 lbs. Thanks again Romeo for sharing the photo and choosing KO Fightgear!

"I can recommend this bag with the highest confidence"

I'm 2 months into my second year with your 130lb Thai bag. I've destroyed 2 300lb springs, 3 pairs of gloves and 1 joist hanger eye-bolt and this bag is STILL at the same level of awesome as the day it arrived. After a year of abuse in an open air garage setting, I can recommend this bag with the highest confidence. Thanks again for such a great product.

— Bob J. - Winter Springs, FL

"this bag screams QUALITY!"

Hi Neil,

This is Russ from Squaw Valley. Just emailing you regarding your bag. This thing is a beast!! Compared to other high end bags, (three at my gym where I train), it definitely kicks their butt. The pack is nice and tight, tough outer shell, the stitching, literally everything about this bag screams "QUALITY!". These days it is hard to find quality with value, and you nailed it man. I put it through a few workouts so far and LOVE IT. It's almost a shame to beat the heck out of something so nice but that's what it's for. As far as packaging and shipping, it made it from the east coast to the west coast unscathed. The wrap job you guys did was awesome. Thanks again. Look forward to doing business with you again. 2 thumbs up!!!!

— Russ E. - Squaw Valley, CA

"The Pefect Bag!"

Neil, I have the bag up and have been working out on it. I must say it has a very nice impact response; just enough resistance, blow absorption and movement away from the strike- the perfect bag! thanks again

— Marshall N. - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Customer testimonial on Sherdog

"I will absolutely recommend this bag"

Hey Neil,

I have been literally pounding away on my bag for weeks now, I have to say that I have never used a bag so well packed in my life. I have used dozens of brands and models but this truly performs like no other. I was a little reserved on the shell being vinyl but after using it I actually prefer the vinyl you use to leather shelled bags. I can hit the bottom of the bag with full force kicks and I don't have to fear breaking my shins or feet. The bag is really not too firm or too soft. I am glad that I made this wonderful investment in your product and could not be happier. Keep up the good work I will absolutely recommend this bag to anyone who will listen. Take care,

— Anthony D. - Auburn, AL

Seige MMA, KO Fightgear Teardropand Heavy Bags

"The quality is great!"

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Things have been crazy for us! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we love all of the gear that we've bought from you. The quality is great!

I've included some photos of our gym (finally!). You can see our layout and how great all of your heavy bags look!

Talk to you soon,
— Seige MMA, Surprise Arizona - Chip Kirk, Owner

(Note: Muay Thai and Tear Drop bags are all supplied by KO Fightgear. Chip requested a two-tone bag so we made a few red bags with black collars. When Chip first contacted us about outfitting his school, we first mentioned for him to pick up a single bag for field trials. Needless to say, after testing, Chip placed the complete order.)

130 lb Muay Thai Bag

"It just feels so good to hit. And it has zero sag just as advertised"

Hi Neil,
How are you doing? I hope all is well and that business is booming! I just wanted you to know that it has been 4 months of using my 130# Thai bag with daily pounding. It feels the same today as it did the first time I used it. It just feels so good to hit. And it has zero sag just as advertised. I also love the royal blue color I chose. It is the best bag I have ever used and I am glad I spent the money to have it shipped all the way over to me here in Hawaii. I just can't say enough of what a beautiful bag it is and how great it feels to pound on! Thank you for all your time and help Neil! I will be back for your teardrop bag!

— Your friend in Hawaii, - Irv P. - Pearl City, Hawaii

"that's no missile, that's my new therapist"

Hi Neil,

The bag is awesome. I had to hang it from a 2x6 that is lag bolted across two rafters in my living room ceiling. Which I don't think my landlord would appreciate if and when he ever sees it. Even with the 2x6 I still have about 4" of clearance from the floor so the bag fits just fine. I've gotten two really good extended workouts on the bag so far and I must say I'm loving it, though I don't think my neighbors are to happy. The bag is solid but with just enough give, it feels the same top to bottom, thumbs up on a good product. My brother, also a former Marine, walked into my Apt., was shocked by the bag hanging in my living room and asked me "what the hell do I have a 'SCUD' missile in the middle of my living room for", to which I replied, "that's no missile, that's my new therapist." It was a pleasure meeting you as well as doing business with you, you definitely have my endorsement.

— David

"this is the best bag... I can't resist hitting it everyday"

Hi Neil,

Sorry for the late reply. I did hang the bag and started pounding on it since day one. I'm impressed by the tightness/hardness from top to bottom of this bag. This is my fourth bag since I started martial arts and I would say that, this is the best bag that I can't resist hitting it everyday. Thank you so much.

— Regards, - Modesto B. - Sun Valley, CA

"WOW! This bag is more than I expected"

WOW! This bag is more than I expected. Here is what I love so far:

  • Number one..it is the nicest looking banana bag I have ever seen.
  • The fill in it is packed nice and tight
  • The top straps make it quiet (and doesn't bother my wife when I beat the crap out of it)
  • When it is kicked, it seems to buckle nicely but not too much
  • When striking it makes a great smacking sound
  • The quality and craftsmanship is in all the small details of the bag eg: stitching, fill, packaging, etc.
  • While my friends are still trying to figure out how to fill their overpriced fairtex bags, I am punching and kicking with my new bag and I saved money...lol

Seriously great job to you and your team. Thanks a ton.

— Chris P., Jacksonville, Florida

"my favorite bag of any I have used"

This is, without a doubt, my favorite bag of any I have used in my home or the gym. It's packing gives a consistent hardness throughout the bag, and after hanging for a long time, it doesn't settle like so many bags do, and after being hit for so long it doesn't soften up in those areas.

All told, it's just a typical high quality product I have really come to expect from KO Fightgear, you're the best.

— Dan B. - Twin Cities, MN

"I love your products and will always look to KO FIGHTGEAR FIRST!"

I ordered a banana bag from you guys in July over the phone while home from overseas duty. You were extremely pleasant and expedient. Now that I am home finally, I have made good use of the bag. I love your products and will always look to KO FIGHTGEAR FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

— SSG Devon O. U.S.Army - Wichita, KS

"It arrived promptly and in perfect condition"

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful bag! It arrived promptly and in perfect condition. My boyfriend loves it. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company.

— Best Wishes, - Jaime H. - Massapequa, NY

"I love the new heavy bag. It's taking a serious beating"

Neil, I just wanted to let you know that my son and I love the new heavy bag. It's taking a serious beating almost every day and I believe that this bag will be around for a good long time. It looks great and the workmanship is second to none. I couldn't be more pleased. I look forward to doing more business with you soon. I couldn't be happier with the way you do business and the quality of your products. Thank you for everything.

— Eric U. New York City Police Department - Retired - New Hampton, NY.

For more information give us a call at 1-800-270-4296 or send a message to info@kofightgear.com.

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